This week, I focus on my relationship with water with the intention of learning how water can boost my energy levels.

I’ve heard and read many reasons it’s important to drink water.

Keeping it simple: My experience is that the inside of my body is wet. The inside of my mouth and nose and throat are wet. Anything that comes out of my body is wet. And there are bits on me that wobble like water-filled balloons. And, my body has the sensation of thirst. And the best thing that gets rid of that urge is water. So it makes sense to drink water. I’ve also read statements about how many glasses of water to drink in a day. I’ve read that by the time I’m thirsty, I’m dehydrated already. I don’t know for certain whether or not that is the truth. Rather than counting, which I often lose track of, I prefer to trust that my body will give me signals on when to drink. What’s cool is, my body communicates with me all the time, and has given me very clear gauges of how to measure the amount of water I need in any moment. I sense I need to drink more water when:

  1. my lips resemble dry, shriveled flower petals or raisins
  2. my skin or lips are chapped
  3. my eyes are dry
  4. my saliva is thick and viscous
  5. my mouth is dry
  6. my throat is dry or tickles
  7. I have thick and colored mucus running from my nose
  8. I cough up mucus
  9. my breathing is restricted
  10. I feel constipated
  11. I have just had diarrhea
  12. I change a tampon/when I’m menstruating
  13. I’ve eaten foods that do not have high water content
  14. my joints ache and/or pop
  15. I have dead skin on my body
  16. I feel thirsty
  17. I have a dry cough
  18. my voice is raspy or is not smooth
  19. my skin is wrinkled
  20. my skin lacks elasticity
  21. I feel tired (wilted)
  22. I feel hungry
  23. I taste something salty
  24. I am pregnant or breastfeeding
  25. I’m sweating/perspiring

How much should I drink? I sense that I can drink less water when:

  • my lips begin to look young, fresh flower petals
  • my skin or lips are no longer chapped
  • my eyes are moist
  • my saliva is thin and wet
  • my tongue is wet
  • the tickling sensation in my throat is gone
  • my nose produces clear, thin mucus
  • I stop coughing or clearing my throat
  • my lungs are at full capacity as I inhale
  • my bowel movements are regular
  • my digestion seems normal
  • my menstrual cycle is over
  • I eat more high-water content foods (like tomatoes and grapes)
  • my joints are silent (that means they are lubricated)
  • I reduce the amount of dead skin I make
  • my thirst is quenched
  • the melody and volume of my voice is smooth and even
  • the wrinkles in my skin lessen
  • my skin becomes more elastic
  • I perk up and feel less tired
  • I feel less hungry
  • I gave birth and have stopped breastfeeding
  • I stop perspiring

Don’t drink all the water you need all at once! Stop when your stomach has the sensation of being full. Later, when you get the urge, you can drink more.

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