For the last few weeks, I have been practicing something that has become powerful in my life:  the art of letting go.

Every morning as I get out of bed, I ask myself:

What am I willing to let go of today?

And I go about my day. And notice. With that question rippling in my mind.

At some point during the day, I notice something that is no longer a resonant match with who I am now. It can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or a relationship.

Here are some things I let go of:

  • control over what my husband’s haircut will be/looks like
  • the need for my son to nap today so I can get those other things done
  • 2 boxes of black clothing
  • an email subscription of quality content that I don’t have time to read
  • old purses I no longer use
  • a contest that distracted me from higher priorities
  • a swish stick to flush G-diapers
  • any food or drink I cannot share with my toddler son
  • an untouched gift bottle of vodka that took up room in our freezer for 8 years
  • Facebook notifications to my email inbox (if I want them, I’ll log in to Facebook and look in my news feed)
  • that extra handful of popcorn
  • that beloved idea that just wouldn’t pan out
  • that extra unnecessary commitment

The next, very important part of this is:

Write it down every day.

Celebrate it at the end of the week.

and notice how you feel.

What amazes me is how much relief I feel each time I let something go.

Letting go creates space for abundance to flow into our lives.

Readers: If you begin to practice this, please share what you have let go of in the comments below!

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