Today I turned in my “letter” of resignation on a cake.


Since a person cannot file a cake, I also gave my boss a silicon wafer with the letter of resignation on it. It seems mirrored due to the aluminum film on it. I acquired the skill to etch wafers like this in this job. (I didn’t etch this particular wafer, though. A special shout out to Samantha Cruz, who made this one and let my breastfeeding self avoid all the teragenic and mutagenic chemicals in the clean room!)


This is my practice of consciously creating the last act: if I were to never see my boss or my coworkers ever again, I have left them something unique that they can remember me by.


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3 Responses to How to resign, creatively

  1. I love this creativity! You did good! Thanks for posting your amazing resignation to the web. Did he like the cake?

  2. Thank you! The cake was a great hit with my boss, and the entire team of people I work with.

    Lest all evidence of my resignation would go “down the drain” (so to speak), I also emailed them the cake picture posted on this blog.

  3. Joann Rothman says:

    What a creative way to leave! You took the guess and the expectations… and potential disappointment out of leaving by using your creativity and imagination to GIVE TO THEM…Bravo!!

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