For years, I have experimented using a one-word mantra that I repeat to myself to reprogram my behaviors. I repeat this word to myself as often as possible.

You know what? It works!

This year I’m going to tackle a huge area that needs improvement in my life. How much I receive from others, from my environment, from divine inspiration.

How do you know you need to receive more out of life?

  1. When someone says, “I love you,” do you quickly and automatically say, “I love you, too”?
  2. When someone pays you a compliment, do you immediately boomerang a compliment in their direction? Do you blush and tell them, “it’s nothing” or otherwise brush it off?
  3. When someone hugs you, do you push them away? Do you wait impatiently for it to end?
  4. Do you interrupt others while they are speaking?
  5. When someone gives you a gift, do you say, “Oh, you shouldn’t have”? Do you think of how you will never use this gift? Do you think of giving it away?
  6. When someone looks you in the eye, do you look away?
  7. When someone offers you food, do you find excuses not to partake?
  8. When someone says that they find you attractive, do you think “yeah, right”?
  9. When someone touches your arm or takes your hand, do you feel uncomfortable?
  10. Do you mindlessly eat?
  11. When someone kisses or caresses you, do you focus on other things?
  12. When someone apologizes, so you accept it as is, or are you looking for them to say something specific before you will accept their apology?

If you answered “yes” or “sometimes” to any of these questions, you have some areas where you could receive more.

This year, I am actively working on these areas.

My key word is: Receive

Receive love. When someone says, “I love you,” pause. Close your eyes, smile, and take that in. This person loves YOU.

Receive compliments. When someone compliments you, pause. Smile and receive credit for your accomplishments and for your beauty. You are unique. Take a moment to celebrate that.

Receive touch. When a friend or family member hugs, kisses, or touches you appropriately, embrace this touch. Touch is healing.

Receive connection. When someone looks you in the eye, look into theirs. They are revealing themselves to you. The eyes are the windows of the soul. Go ahead. Be vulnerable. Look back at them. You are beautiful. It’s okay to show them who you are.

Receive words, ideas, and perspectives. When someone talks to you; think not, speak not. Clear the mind. Let your mind be an open, empty vessel.

Receive gifts. When someone makes you dinner, it is a gift. Focus on the love and effort that someone put into getting and giving you any gift. Even if it is a gift you’ll never use. You can find a new home for it later. When you receive it, put your hand on your heart and thank them, looking them in the eye.

Receive apologies. Receive an apology as is. If someone makes the effort to apologize, let what they say be good enough. They practice some level of humility to come to you and say that they are sorry. Receive them, where ever they

Receive nourishment. As you eat, put your intention on receiving every nutrient into your body. Imagine it giving you energy, cleansing out toxins, healing and repairing damaged cells, and invigorating your being.

Receive inspiration: meditate. Every morning, take a couple of minutes to sit quietly on a mat. Close your eyes. Straighten your spine. Eliminate all distractions. Have peaceful emotions. Pay attention to your breath. Notice the point where the exhale becomes the inhale.

Receive life.

I’d like to receive from you. What other things could we do a better job of receiving? I look forward to your comments below.

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2 Responses to How to receive more out of life this year

  1. Rocco Ragano says:

    I would like to share my reminder to Receive life’s lessons. The universe is always talking to me through nature, objects and others and when I am in a mindful state to receive I am open to all channels. I have come to understand when I am open to receive it comes from anywhere. I needed a song to choreograph and I was not coming up with anything. One day I am in the post office waiting in the usual long line and instead of being irritated, I received the environment and heard “the song” playing in the post office, and a little voice inside said “This is it!” and “it” became the song I was searching for. I found what I was looking for in the post office, had I not been receiving my environment I would have missed the gift of song!

  2. I love that, Rocco!

    What a great example of how being “open to receive” can bring us inspiration and exactly what we are looking for!

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